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Let's work together to promote peace and harmony amongst people of all races and nationalities, transcending religious, ethnic and linguistic differences.


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Faiz Centenary National Organising Committee (UK) is supporting many organisations and comrades to organise events to celebrate the life and poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz throughout Britain. This website is one of the main vehicles to support and publicise these events. Over fifty political, artistic and cultural  events will be taking this year and it is hoped that the website will be a useful vehicle to inform wider community in Britain as well as rest of the world.

We request cultural, literary and social organisations to make use of the website to publicise their events free. We also send regular alert mailing to hundreds of people and organisations to highlight forthcoming events.


March 26, Saturday Birmingham           Tribute to Faiz Ahmed Faiz
  Co-ordinated by Shabana Yousaf, Bazm e Qalam
  Halqa-e-Arbaab-e-Zouq organised Faiz Centenary celebration in Birmingham. The event was addressed by Dr Imran Bhinder, Dr Saeed Mahinder, Basir Kazmi, Ms Naseem Akhter Naseem, Tahir Safi, Talat Saleem, Dardana Ensari, Ms Akhter Durani, Shabana Yousaf, Hanif Usmani, Dr Safi Hassan and Adam Chagtai. Speakers highlighted various aspects of Faiz's life, committment for the rights of poor people, peace, equality and social justice for all the people of the world. Faiz Sb's close friend Badar-Ud-Din Badar was also present.
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June 9, Thursday,  7.00pm Birmingham          Documentry on Faiz Ahmed Faiz

                            Faiz Ahmed Faiz: Poet in Troubled Times

Venue: The Drum, 144 Potters Lane, Aston, Birmingham, B6 4UU.

  This moving and revealing documentary on the life and times of the Pakistani national poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz, narrated by the writer and political activist Tariq Ali, has become a cult classic. Using archival and original footage including interviews with his family members, intellectuals and activists, and Faiz’s poetry itself, the film tells the story of how the writer, trade unionist and political activist used his creative endeavours to defend human rights and further the universal causes of social justice and liberty, and of his imprisonment and eventual exile.
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June 12, Sunday Birmingham          Symposium on Faiz Ahmed Faiz
                                       Revolutionary Poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Venue: The Drum, 144 Potters Lane, Aston, Birmingham, B6 4UU.

  This special symposium brings together prominent academics, poets and political activists to mark and celebrate the life and poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Invited guest speakers include writer, constitutional expert and president Workers Party Pakistan Abid Hassan Minto, Faiz's fellow and former president HRCP Pakistan I. A. Rehman, writer, broadcaster Tariq Ali and Faiz’s daughter Salima Hashmi, Dyal Singh Baghri president Indian Workers Association UK, and others.
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June 18, Saturday Birmingham          International Mushaira
                                       In Memory of Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Venue: The Birmingham Library Theatre.

    Paradise Place, Birmingham,  B3 3HQ (near the Central Library)

As part of the Faiz centenary celebrations, this Mushaira promises to be one of the largest and prominent gatherings of renowned Urdu and Punjabi poets in the United Kingdom.
Birmingham poets will be joined by leading poets from all over the UK and abroad to pay homage and honor the memory of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Taking inspiration from Faiz’s work, they will recite their poems and make reference to the impact and influence of Faiz on their poetry. Invited poets include Saaki Farooqi, Iftikhar Arif, Basir Kazmi, Sadaf Mirza, Sabir Raza, Hassan Safi, Arshad Latif, Yashab Tamanna and many others.
A must for all writers, poets, activists and connoisseurs of Urdu/ Punjabi poetry.
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